Company Overview

Canard Aerospace is a leading aircraft systems engineering company that provides a broad range of technical and support services to the air transport community.  Our focus is on avionics system upgrades and modifications that are driven to the market by new technology, performance enhancements and government mandates.  Canard operates as an extension of our customer’s operation by providing integration engineering, installation kits, certification, program management and technical publications.

Canard Aerospace was founded in 1991 in Minneapolis, MN.  Our vision was to provide total solution packages to assist in the ever-growing workload of airline avionics engineers and the increasing complexity of the certification process. Canard holds various STCs and has developed STC data packages for many equipment OEM’s.   We have certification experience on most types of air transport aircraft along with many regional aircraft

Canard has earned its premier reputation with customers due to our staff’s responsiveness, comprehensive knowledge, quality performance and high level of integrity.  This has enabled Canard to build long term-relationships with the airlines and extend our services to several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of aircraft systems and components, aircraft leasing/finance companies and modifications centers.


  • Aircraft engineering services for the modification and upgrading of avionics systems.
  • Project management to ensure effective solutions and smooth execution of programs.
  • On-site supervision and support to direct the installation, modification and/or completion of a project.
  • Conduct/manage certification process and testing.
  • Manufacturing of installation kits designed to system requirements and tailored to aircraft for avionics programs.
  • Providing necessary wiring diagrams, maintenance and/or flight operation manuals and required data for FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) utilizing advanced computer technology.
  • Fixed price quotations based upon project assumptions and a detailed Scope of Work.
  • DER/DAR/DMIR services.
  • Coordinate/obtain same day issuance of STC’s, which returns aircraft to service to avoid delays.


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