Engineering Services

Our in house DER, DAR and DMIR staff allows the ability to provide complete design and engineering services for approved design data packages, STC’s and PMA’s. We have provided full engineering packages including installation kits for a wide range of programs including but not limited to DFDR/Expanded Parameters, GPS/FMS (single, dual and triple systems), TCAS/MODE S, EGPWS/TAWS, ACARS/CMU, DFDAU, AHRS/INS, SATCOM, EFIS and INS/IRS. Our professional engineering staff has over 100+ years combined experience in the airline industry.

Each program is assigned an avionics engineer who takes ownership as the program manager and provides technical solutions to meet schedule and budget considerations.  He is the interface between you, the suppliers, the installation team and the FAA.  He is with you from beginning to end.  This way there is no chance of misinterpretation.  Our extensive experience and specialization is the key to efficient and cost effective solutions.  This translates to less down time for the aircraft and a more cost effective use of airline technical personnel.

Avionics Solutions

Certification Services

Design Engineering

Electronic Flight Bag

8110-3 approvals
TC authorizations
STC new/ amend existing
In -house DER, DAR, DMIR
On-site support
FAA/STC coordination
Support of Field Approvals
PMA production approval
Same day STC Approval

Aircraft survey/records review
TCM, PDR, CDR meetings
Develop Design Package
Update technical publications
Create engineering orders
Auto CAD drawings
FAR compliance reports

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