Canard Aerospace's Major Accomplishments

First to engineer a combined GPS/IRS navigation solutions as an INS replacement for B747 fleet using the Honeywell GPS, which increased the navigation performance. (Malaysian Airlines)

  • Our engineering team wrote & developed the operating system specifications
  • They defined, developed and produced ARINC 561 adapter racks for this project.
  • Canard was responsible for the first installation and STC
  • This same engineering concept is currently being engineered for the Saudia B747 fleet utilizing equipment from CMC (CMA-900 FMS/GPS) and Honeywell's ADIRS

First in avionics history to replace an Inertial Navigation System (INS) with a triple GPS as a sole means of navigation.  (Evergreen B747-100)

First to certify GPS (Trimble TNL 8100) as a sole means of navigation on air transport aircraft. (Sun Country B727)

Installed dual/triple GPS as sole means of navigation on more than 100 DC-10 including Continentals entire DC-10 fleet

Engineered and installed SATCOM Systems on A340, A310, B767, B757, B757, B747-100.

  • Certified and provided kits for the first Honeywell SATCOM on B767 (SAS- Scandinavian Airlines Systems
  • Certified and provided kits for the first Honeywell SATCOM on A340 (Turkish Airlines)

Engineered & Installed On-Board Networking Systems with/without Gatelink (maintenance and /or cockpit applications) for FEDEx MD-11, A300, and A310 fleets in addition to UPS, KLM, Atlas, AVE, OMNI and Sun Country.

Due to the FAA mandate for the DFDR expanded parameters, Canard had acquired a number of STC's and manufactured approximately 500 kits over a (2) year period for DC-9, MD-80, B737, B747, B757 aircraft.

Engineered and installed EGPWS (enhanced ground proximity warning systems) on B767 (including 44 kits for ANA), B747 and DeHavilland Dash 8 aircraft.

Engineered and installed Windshear in B747, A310, A300 and B727's.